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who is pinkie pie?

  • pinkie pie is a character from the my little pony toy franchise. she originated from generation 3, and she was one of the most popular ponies from that generation. she was featured in every animated special, most of the time as a primary character, and was one of the core 7 from the late era of the generation. compared to her generation 4 counterpart, she was more level-headed and down-to-earth. she often took on a leadership role when doing a group activity with her friends.
    for the next generation of my little pony, pinkie pie was brought back as one of the members of the mane 6. although she was originally based off surprise from generation 1, even being a pegasus as shown in early concept art, she was eventually redesigned to take inspiration from generation 3's pinkie pie, taking her name, color palette, and earth pony features. in the show my little pony: friendship is magic, she is one of the elements of harmony and often goes on adventures with her best friends. she is ponyville's party pony, which essentially means she loves throwing parties for others for pretty much any occassion. her special talent is, in fact, throwing parties, which she discovered due to wanting to share the joy rainbow dash's sonic rainboom gave her when she saw it.

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